Alternate Dimension Space Technologies

New stable allotrope of oxygen, tetraoxygen, and electromagnetic propulsion device
for interplanetary and interstellar travel are just some of our inventions that will shape the future.

The Spacefaring Age is truly upon us.


Unique Ideas And Solutions

Since the dawn of the space age, chemical propulsion technology is used to launch spacecraft to the outer space. Less than 5% of a rocket’s starting mass reaches orbit. Over 95% of the mass at takeoff is the fuel required to get there, the tanks and pumps. Each chemical propulsion launch vehicle quickly reaches its final speed, which is determined by a specific impulse of its fuel. ​When the spacecraft runs out of fuel its acceleration is no longer possible. It's safe to say, good old chemical propulsion is obsolete, it has reached its dead-end. 

Our electromagnetic propulsion system, Astrodrive, with unlimited fuel reserves, and, therefore, unlimited specific impulse, is about to drastically change the spacefaring. Powered by solar and/or nuclear energy, spacecraft equipped with Astrodrive propulsion system is capable of instantaneous maneuvers, fast and continuous acceleration. For as long as there is electric power onboard, the spacecraft will remain operational.

The Future Starts Today

Trip to Mars in just a few days at a constant and comfortable 1g acceleration/deceleration and, therefore, artificial "gravity".
Interplanetary travel, asteroid mining, space colonies could become a near-future reality, using our patented Constant Acceleration Propulsion Device, Astrodrive.

While chemical propulsion is still widely used, our team has successfully synthesized a new advanced propellant oxidizer, stable allotrope of oxygen, tetraoxygen, with a boiling point of +43°C and specific impulse with kerosene of 4250 m/s. The method and device for its production has been granted a US patent.